The Sims Freeplay Cheats – Free Simoleons & Lifestyle Points – Tested 2020

Do you need a good sims freeplay cheats tool that works on ios and android devices? You’ve come to the right place, you are on the blog where you will learn how to get more money in this game quickly and easily.

My name is Michael and I welcome you in my post where, step by step, I will present you how to get more simoleons & lifestyle points in your game using the best ios and android cheats.

The Sims Freeplay Cheats !

I play this game a lot of time and I’m up to date with all the news that’s why I know the best sims free play cheats in 2020. Most methods usually cease to work after a few months, so it is important to constantly search for new solutions that allow you to add more money in the game quickly and easily.

cheat proof sims freeplay

Working The Sims Freeplay Cheats for Android & iOS in 2020

If you are impatient then you can now go to generate an unlimited amount of money in the sims freeplay. Just click on the button below and you will be redirected to the online generator where you can choose the number of lp and simoleons you want to add to your account in the game.

I recommend, however, to read at least a part of my guide to get a better understanding of how this method works and where it came from. You will also learn the advantages and disadvantages of using the online sims freeplay hack tool on android and ios.

sims freeplay cheat online

How it works ?

There are web based online generators that allow you to connect to your account in the game, and then edit the number of simoleons and lifestyle points. Nowadays, it is so convenient and safe that you do not have to download anything. Probably each of us had some experience with unwanted applications, viruses etc.

In this case you do not have to download anything, because the sims free play cheat is available in your browser. You can start it by entering the page address in each device’s browser. It does not matter if you use an iphone that has an iOS system or you have a phone with an android system. This generator is adapted to all mobile devices.

how to use

So to start, click on the button “use sims freeplay cheat”, then:

  • Enter your username, then select the operating system of your device and click connect.
  • After a while, when you are connected, go to the selection of lifestyle points and simoleons, then click “generate”
  • For some time the system will work to add the number of lp and simoleons you choose, not always, but often the system requires verification, so just follow the instructions to verify whether you are a bot or not.
  • When you pass the verifications positively, lp and simoleons will be added to your account in the game – done.

That’s all there is nothing to write about how to use it and how it works. If you need more information and have doubts, read below what I think about using cheats to get unlimited money on sims freeplay in 2020.

Is it worth using sims freeplay hack ?

tips and tricks

There are many websites where you can read various game guides. For each game you can find various tips and tricks, how do you think why? Because it makes the person playing the game can get something in the game much easier and faster. That’s why people playing different games use different guides. This allows them to save a lot of time or even money.

Imagine that you have to do quests in the game that you do not want to do. Or imagine that all day you have to do various tasks in the game to earn money, for example, for new equipment. All this takes time so players use different gaming tricks to get the coveted things or perform different tasks much faster. Each of us used various game tips, so I am sure that this topic is not foreign to anyone.

Using sims freeplay android cheats gives you many positive benefits. First, you save a lot of time, because the generator allows you to get a large amount of lp & simoleons in the game within a few minutes. Secondly, you save a lot of money and enjoy the game instead of annoying that you have to do boring tasks in the game to get for example, lifestyle points or simoleons in the case of the sims freeplay.

You can buy lp and simoleons for real money in the game using the in-app store. However, this is not the best way to get more money in this game. A small amount of lp and simoleons costs a lot of money, which is better spent on something else.

If you want to have an unlimited amount of money in the sims freeplay, a much better solution will be to use sims freeplay hacks. In 2020 I noticed a lot of different methods that allow you to generate large amounts of lp and simoleons every day. You do not have to worry if you have a device with ios or android, these applications are suitable for all devices.

The Sims Freeplay Cheats 2020 Features:

cheat sims freeplay

  • Unlimited Simoleons – A popular currency in this game for which you can buy the simplest things, it is easy to get a large amount of simoleons however it requires time so better to use the online generator.
  • Unlimited LP (Lifestyle Points) – This is the second currency in the game, much more important than simoleons. It’s very hard to get more of it in the game. LP points are used to buy premium items and to speed up many tasks in the game.
  • Fully Mobile Optimized – Previously, most cheats were available only on the computer and you had to download different applications. Today, the latest sims free play cheats are available on any phone straight from your browser. You can use cheats for sims freeplay on android and ios.
  • Easy Access – At any time and from any device you can access the online generator. Just enter the appropriate address in the browser and without downloading you can start using this cheat.
  • Easy to Use – In fact, adding lp and simoleons to the account in the game takes only a few minutes. The entire process is divided into just a few (3-4 steps). Just connect to the account in the game, then select the number of lp and simoleons and go through the anti-bot verifications if necessary.

My goal was to show you that there is a possibility to get a lot of LP and Simoleons in a very short time. As you can see, you only need the right method. If you are ready, try it today and see what effects it gives. Let me know how many lp and simoleons you added to your game account.